Founders Day, now with amazing mini farmers market

So we’re all gearing up for the most awesome Founders Day celebration ever (in t-minus 4 days). We’ve got a parade with over 25 entries, performers and cultural food, community info booths, arts, crafts & kids activities, music, and a movie in the park; and now a mini farmers market/craft fair hosted across 92nd Avenue from Lents Park in the Portland Youth Builders Parking Lot!  The market will be open from 4p-6p. Please stop by to get delicious farm fresh produce, iced coffee, vodoo donuts and a beautiful local crafts, natural body products, and more.


Crafts & products from:

Diversifying a Neighborhood Event

When re-imagining what a celebration of Lents could be, neighborhood residents envisioned a celebration that acknowledged both the historical legacy of Oliver P. Lent, and the diversity of the current community. Lents is one of the most racially diverse neighborhoods in Portland, and home to many cultures*. Partnering with Colored Pencils Art & Culture collective was a natural match, and we’re excited about the diverse range of performers and artists that they’ve helped bring to this years Founders Day celebration. One that we hope will truly be a celebration of our community.

Event organizer, and Lents Neighborhood Association Board Member, Rebecca Stavenjord says “Colored Pencils mission to facilitate inter-cultural learning through artistic expression is a natural fit for the re-envisioned, multi-cultural celebration of one of Portland’s most diverse communities”

Colored Pencils has done great work to gather community leaders and spread the word of this event through newcomer and under-represented communities.

These performances are representative of the cultural changes we’re seeing in Portland. And the Lents neighborhood is ahead of the curve, seeing larger than average increases in communities of color and newcomer communities within the neighborhood.

In re-imagining this event, and through the excellent work of Colored Pencils, the Lents Neighborhood Association hopes of creating a welcoming space for the new faces within our community is succeeding.  Our goal is to see our meetings, events, activities and leadership begin to reflect the diversity we see in our neighborhood.

* 2010 Census Data shows the population of Lents on April 1, 2010 was 20,156

Lents identifies itself as:

60.1% white (Portland 76%/76.5% Multnomah County )
15.8% Hispanic (9.4%/10.9%)
14.1% Asian (7.1%/6.5%)
4.5% African-American (6.1%/5.4%)
1.0% American Indian (0.8%/0.8%)
3.7% Two or more races (2.7%/3.6%)

Russian Folk Singer Natalia Hougen

Lents Neighborhood Association and Neighbors invite you to join us at Founder’s Day 2011: A Celebration of Our Community on Sunday, August 21st from 3:30pm till dark at Lents Park (92nd Ave and Holgate Blvd).  The community festival is a free, family event celebrating the diversity of our neighbors in Lents through food, dance and cultural performances.  An area for informational tables, raffle prizes, kids games and a mini-market of produce, crafts and doughnuts are just a few of the things you’ll find there.

Co-sponsored by the Colored Pencils Art and Culture Council, the performance stage will be open from 4:30pm to 7pm and feature dance and music from many of the representative cultures of Lents.

Russian Folk Singer Natalia Hougen is the first of many performers to be features on the founders day blog.

Natalie plays and sings several of the most popular Russian and Gypsy folk songs in both Russian and English and often plays a seven string guitar.

Get a preview of one of the many diverse performers playing THIS SUNDAY at Lents Park.







What to eat, what to eat

Thanks to some amazing local donations, Founders Day will be able to offer a wide variety of free food*.

Some highlights:

and we’re still working on a couple more!

Portland Parks & Rec will be providing popcorn later in the evening as part of movies in the park.

Food will be served at 4:30

and then again at sunset for those who observe Ramadan

Who doesn’t like a parade?

It’ll be hard to miss this year’s Founder’s Day Parade.
This year’s parade will be a feast for the eyes and ears!
The Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers are kicking off the event
and Chinese Lion Dancers will be showcasing their colorful performances along the route.
The parade starts at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 21, at Glenwood Park in Lents. The route then heads north on 92nd Avenue, through the Lents Town Center, to Lents Park.
Need a map?
Other participants in the Founders Day Parade include:
  • Mayor Sam Adams
  • County Commissioner Judy Shiprack
  • the state champion Lents Little League
  • the Outsiders Motorcycle Club
  • the PDXBrownClowns
  • the Multnomah Youth Commission
  •  the PGE Electric car
  • and many more
Local children and families are encouraged to join the Lents Neighborhood Association and the Village Free School as we pull up the rear of the parade on bicycles.
The parade will conclude at Lents Park, where an afternoon of cultural celebrations, information booths and free food await visitors.
Drivers are encouraged to use Powell Boulevard, Holgate Boulevard or Flavel Street for east-west travel during the parade, which will cross Foster Road at 92nd Avenue. Portland Police will assist with traffic control.


3:30 PM – Parade.  The parade route begins at Glenwood Park (87th and Claybourne), heads north up 92nd Ave into Lents Park.  Some highlights from the parade: Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers, Mayor Sam Adams, County Commissioner Judy Shiprack, State Champions Lents Little League, Chinese Lion Dancers, Outsiders Motorcycle Club, PDXBrownClowns, Multnomah Youth Commission, PGE’s Electric Car, and more.  Local youth and families are encouraged to join the Lents Neighborhood Association and Village Free School as we pull up the rear of the parade on bicycles.

4:30 PM – Founder’s Day Event
Some highlights from the event:  Free food from Spice of Africa, El Pato Feliz and New Copper Penny.  Bounce house, soccer kick competition, art and crafts section with a paint spinner, story time, clowns, face painting, a photo booth operated by Marshall Campus photography students, Pioneer Living exhibit, OMSI brainteasers, sack races, bike parking, a Farmer’s Market hosted by Portland Youth Builders and La Gran D radio and much more.

4:30 – 6:30 Colored Pencils Art & Culture Council Stage (multi-cultural performances and education)  Performances from:

  • Sunflower Chinese Dance Troupe
  • African American singer Richard Greer
  • Mariachi Chapala
  • Russian guitarist Natalia Hougen
  • Indonesian dance
  • Chinese Lion dancers
  • belly dancers
  •  and more.

6:30 PM Band – Seven Year Tango (in partnership with Portland Parks movies in the park event)
8:00 PM Movie – “Ironman 2”
* food will be served again at sundown for those recognizing Ramadan during the month of August.

What is Founders Day?


Founders Day: A Celebration of our Community, celebrates the diversity and history of the Lents Neighborhood in Portland, OR. August 21st, we’re celebrating the 119th Anniversary of Lents!

Lents has overhauled its signature summer event, and is set to unveil the re-imagined Founders Day: A Celebration of Our Community.
Aug. 21 at Lents Park.
Attendance had been flagging at recent Founders Days, and the Lents Neighborhood Association, which organizes the event, looked at new ways of attracting visitors.
“There was a call from this community to celebrate Lents’ cultural richness,” said LNA president Nick Christensen. “Lents’ volunteers really stepped up to, very quickly, turn an idea into reality.”
Lents is one of Portland’s most diverse neighborhoods. According to the 2010 Census, the neighborhood is 60 percent white, 16 percent Latino, 14 percent Asian and 4.5 percent black.
Free African, Mexican and American food will be offered; the event will feature music and dance performances from China, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia and more.
We look forward to seeing you there!