When re-imagining what a celebration of Lents could be, neighborhood residents envisioned a celebration that acknowledged both the historical legacy of Oliver P. Lent, and the diversity of the current community. Lents is one of the most racially diverse neighborhoods in Portland, and home to many cultures*. Partnering with Colored Pencils Art & Culture collective was a natural match, and we’re excited about the diverse range of performers and artists that they’ve helped bring to this years Founders Day celebration. One that we hope will truly be a celebration of our community.

Event organizer, and Lents Neighborhood Association Board Member, Rebecca Stavenjord says “Colored Pencils mission to facilitate inter-cultural learning through artistic expression is a natural fit for the re-envisioned, multi-cultural celebration of one of Portland’s most diverse communities”

Colored Pencils has done great work to gather community leaders and spread the word of this event through newcomer and under-represented communities.

These performances are representative of the cultural changes we’re seeing in Portland. And the Lents neighborhood is ahead of the curve, seeing larger than average increases in communities of color and newcomer communities within the neighborhood.

In re-imagining this event, and through the excellent work of Colored Pencils, the Lents Neighborhood Association hopes of creating a welcoming space for the new faces within our community is succeeding.  Our goal is to see our meetings, events, activities and leadership begin to reflect the diversity we see in our neighborhood.

* 2010 Census Data shows the population of Lents on April 1, 2010 was 20,156

Lents identifies itself as:

60.1% white (Portland 76%/76.5% Multnomah County )
15.8% Hispanic (9.4%/10.9%)
14.1% Asian (7.1%/6.5%)
4.5% African-American (6.1%/5.4%)
1.0% American Indian (0.8%/0.8%)
3.7% Two or more races (2.7%/3.6%)